This is a task of finding if there is a water source nearby the ground level and its distribution of the water.   Wetland delineation is conducted to meet legal requirement restricting occupation of people over water bodies. also some areas have seasonal water bodies meaning during dry seasons there is no visible water in the area. Therefore there may be restriction on constructing, making it necessary for real estate developers to examine the land for its acquisition.


Some of the wetland delineation field equipment are.


The researcher will need to have a wetland map.  Maps give the researcher a history of the area and insight on where to initiate the process.


 The researcher also need to acquire GPS tools.  GPS units use to show the north, south, east and west of the area.


 Mud footwear.  It is necessary to wear shoes that are appropriate for the field exercise. This are essential to protect the person's feet.


 Tools for digging such as shovels and soil knives. The process will require digging of several pits in the area to study the underground soil.


Waterproof cameras.  Some underground areas may not be accessible by the researcher that observation will per taken by use of an underground camera. Giving the area has water bodies it will be essential to have camera is not affected by water.  The exercise will take time, need of a camera with the capability of working for the long period required. The researchers may also need an extra field camera.  The only requirement of this camera is able to take clear and precise pictures.


Soil color chart.  The researchers should acquire soil pit color book to be used to identify the nature of the area depending on the soil color.  This usually involves digging the underneath soil and studying the characteristics with assistance of the soil chart.


 Size of the area estimation tools.  It is important to also find out the spread of the water body.  The process goal is to estimate the area which will be considered to be a wetland.  Hence I  order to perform the task there is need for equipment to take length and width of the area.  In addition the exercise develops the end areas of the wetland. To get more ideas on how to choose the right Wetland Delineation field equipment, go to


 Notes taking is also an important exercise of any research. Therefore the researchers should carry stationery materials.  The stationery will be used to note down the different observations for further study.



 The determination of whether an area has a nearby water reserve should be conducted in regular year interval of maybe ten years apart. This is because with the changes in climate some water bodies may cease to exist while others may be created. Get the mud work boots here!